Thursday, 29 May 2008

Exclusive: JohnnyBax Joins Enron

Yet another exclusive here at Melted Felt - we can reveal that online tournment pro JohnnyBax (the one who can not win for toffee live) has joined Enron as their sponsored poker pro, turning down UB at the last minute.

An anonymous spokesman for Bax told us that Enron has all of the qualities that he would be proud to be associated with including a senior management team that are expected to stay in one place for several years to come and a commitment to gambling with other peoples money. They are also free from any superuser scandals, which is more than can be said for that dodgy UB outfit.

Not everyone is happy with the news.

Joe, a spotty, greasy little teenage poker player who only just graduated from Dungeons and Dragons and whose only experience with the opposite sex is through pictures on the internet said to us, "I'm gutted, I had a giant poster of Bax on my bedroom door which is now coming down" continuing "Bax's big smile and goofy laugh can not make up for this - he may be a talented online pro who is completely unable to win live, but turning his back on Halliburton has totally alientated him from the fans"


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