Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Exclusive! Player Returns To Duplicate Poker For 2nd Week!

Duplicate Poker is a ‘skill game’ (yawn) based on playing exactly the same cards (sigh) as someone else at another table. This poker-like gaming site proudly state that they are open to US players 100% legally – which is in fact true.

After a year in operation Melted Felt are happy to announce a giant step forward for this utterly boring poker-based game. Yes, a player has actually returned to the site voluntarily for a second week!

Until Trevor Smith from Chicago broke the mould last week they had yet to keep any players for more than one week - even when throwing absolutely free $20 bills their way while dressed as a gorilla.

Trevor last night defended his actions, stating “there is nothing in the terms and conditions which state that you can only play for 1 week – it is just that most people choose not to” adding “if you will please excuse me I’m off for my regular Wednesday evening 5-hour session of windows solitaire”.

Asked about their future plans Duplicate Poker responded that as long as there were new people turning 18 each week their utterly dull operation could continue indefinitely. Adding that a 'Duplicate Tournament' at their site last week attracted a record-breaking 28 people, only 12 of which were staff and 7 friends of friends.

One thing is for sure, at least with Duplicate Poker we know full well the site is rigged.


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