Friday, 6 November 2009

Fish Agrees Wholeheartedly With Fish

Hot off the press we bring you a fish-tale direct from the online poker tables

The incident involved a fish wholeheartedly agreeing with a fish who berated a fish for berating another fish who had sucked-out in some-what ordinarily fishy style

It all started when the first fish, whose exit from the table got the other fish all excited, called a $1.30c all-in (pot sized) bet with no less than a queen high flush draw on a board of Ah-Kh-Qc-10c... when the 'beautiful 6 of clubs' hit the river matching his 4-5 sooted.

One particularly angry fish, quicky mucking his A-6 off suit, started to call the fortunate fish a fish, the first fish did not particularly care (or, for that matter, understand) and promptly left the table to play Monopoly with his kid sister. At this point a third fish started berating the second fish for 'making the first fish leave.'

Apparently the fish who left was a good source of money and should have been encouraged to stay. After a 4th fish agreed the second fish started feeling defensive - challenging any fish who would listen a heads-up match.... not for this 5c / 10c nonsense either, this was to be a high-stakes 25c / 50c match.

Fortunately for the fish-in-question's bankroll, nobody accepted his offer... at the end of the day conclusive proof that they are all nothing but fish.



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Anonymous said...

LOL this stuff is funny!

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