Sunday, 11 May 2008

Flop Shocks Sit And Go Professional!

John (not his real name) a Sit And Go professional from Toronto, Canada is today recovering with his family after suffering a serious mental shock during an online poker session. Melted Felt caught up with him by telephone

“I’ve been playing Sit And Goes for 2 and a half years now and multi-table the $20’s to grind a living” said John, while tracing his sharkscope graph with an old biro from his mothers couch. “I know all the ranges of hands and the odds and even the dollar equity models like the back of my hand”.

Asked what happened John’s voice started to tremble – “Well a set of 8 games was running as usual, everything appeared to be going fine”, “and then it happened”.

After 30 seconds of silence, interspersed with the odd gasp and the sound of swallowing, John continued “It must have been a mis-click”, “Well, there is no other way of explaining it, 3 cards came in the middle of the table – and I waited for the next 2 to follow like usual….. only this time they did not come”. “I, I mean, Erm Well, I, Um, had to make a decision on whether to bet, fold or call – based on just those 3 cards”

We asked how this new discovery of post-flop play had changed his perception of the game. “I’ve played over 10,000 Sit N Goes and only had to deal with this situation once” replied John, “in some ways it has opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of poker that I never knew existed” before continuing “Then again, my sharkscope graph looks just fine without it – so maybe it is not so important after all”.
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Anonymous said...

That's funny!!
Thanks for the good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Post flop play? You mean, someone missed the flop? I dont know if I can ever recall that happening in a hand I played mean, it WAS possible to RE RAISE with J-10 suited, and not have to throw it out after a 2-3-4 flop? Get serious? Nobody had AK or KK, you shitting me?

Mike said...


Nice post lol. Added ya to my blogroll at, add me back if you want.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that, well played sir.

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