Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Losing Player Convinces Himself That Rakeback Is The Answer

Bruce, A cash game player from Melbourne, Australia yesterday logged on to his favorite poker forum to heartily complain about how unfair the life of a consistently losing college online poker 'pro' can be.

The problems started when, his best friend Bruce sent him a refer-a-friend e-mail from Full Tilt Poker and he deposited his first $50. Two years later and 109 more $50 deposits down the line Bruce learns from Shelia (a regular on his favorite forum) that signing up through an affiliate could have given him 27% rakeback all along. After Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Shelia, Shelia, Bruce, Kylie and Bruce added to the thread that they already enjoyed these benefits - Bruce started to get very angry indeed, after all, with an estimated $5 of each deposit being raked in tournament fees he would have enjoyed an average of $1.35c in his pocket every week!

Determined to do something about his desperate plight Bruce switched sites and now enjoys the delights that Bruce, Bruce, Shelia, Bruce, Bruce, Kylie, Bruce and Bruce already enjoy - the added avantage is that the huge 50% rakeback deal is at a site so sh*te that nobody ever plays there... meaning that Bruce is saving enough money each week to take Shelia out for a few cans of fosters.

Melted Felt Public Service Information Announcement:

If you are considering rakeback please ensure that you actually play at a high enough level to, erm, pay some rake. If you are a loser or micro-stakes player who thinks 1 tabling 5c / 10c no-limit is 'the big-game' then there is really no need to bother those friendly rakeback affiliates... if on the other hand you play at a reasonable level or multi-table would like to see a selection of the best available rakeback deals including some which are listed (with percentages) but can not be called 'rakeback' then check out the excellent Rakeback-Planet today!


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