Monday, 26 May 2008

Near Miss At Pocket Fives

Pocket Fives members yesterday stood up in their seats, clenched fists in front of themselves and started the first murmerings of what was destined to become a gigantic celebratory cheer - only to sit back down, arms behind heads and collectively groan as if a shot on goal had been tipped around the post at the last possible moment.

The near miss game at around 4:12pm yesterday when a hand history posted with a request for advice almost served its purpose without anyone being accused of bragging, being called a retard or simply refusing to give advice at all on the grounds that teaching is -ev for themselves.

Seven replies came in offering sensible thoughts and perspectives on the hand in question before the usual process was started by a losing MTTer typing 'don't tap the glass' while thinking it made him look really cool in front of other 'playas'. Reference was quickly made to his sharkscope graph, he accused this poster of having somewhat dubious sexual practices and the thread quickly decended into the nasty back-biting by teenagers with attitiude issues which characterises every thread at this once civilised poker forum.

Even the clones of 2+2 are capable of discussing a hand after all...


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