Friday, 30 May 2008

Relief As Lost Tribe Join Cardrunners

In a massive coordinated operation yesterday, the last people on earth who were not yet members of Cardrunners have been signed-up.

The shocking revalation that there were people hiding out deep in the Amazon who had not yet benefited from Green Plastic's 6-Max no-limit holdem videos sent alarm and consternation through the civilised world - and an immediate project involving the Brazillian Government, Amnesty International and Lee Jones, Cardrunners brutally ugly CFO.

"We started by air-dropping 'Harrington on Holdem volume #1' along with Poker-Stars logoed stress balls" said a spokesman " When we found that the lost tribe did not have the $29.99 per month required for the subscription there were some intense negotiations required, fortunately after seeing the benefits of our online-pro's training methods and insights into how to crush the online no-limit game they agreed to sell all their children into bonded labor and all their women to join David Sklansky's growing hareem

Phew, that was close


1 comment:

Littleacornman said...

Lol,that's brilliant.Did they drop the mandatory tin foil hats required for online play too?!

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