Saturday, 24 May 2008

Titan Poker To Pass 1 Billion Hands Without A Fold Button.

Excitement was gathering yesterday as the milestone of a
cool 1 billion hands drew ever closer at Titan Poker - the non-US friendly 4th largest online poker site.

Melted Felt can exclusively reveal that Titan have managed this impressive feat without a fold button, which was accidentally left out during a scheduled upgrade in March of 2006.

Realising their mistake, Titan did try re-introducing the fold button several months later, however their call centre were so inundated with confused French, Italian and Dutch poker players wondering what this button actually did - that a user poll was taken to decide what buttons Titan Poker's players really wanted to see.

After some deliberations here was the completed list:

- 'I Call' (this option is pre-selected to save wear on your mouse)
- 'Someone Raised But I Call Anyway' (a raise does not alter the pre-selection)
- 'A Raise And Re-Raise Ahead? Call With Any 2-Suited Cards' ('suited' can be toggled off)
- 'Someone All-In Ahead, Call With Any 2 Picture Cards' (as can 'picture')
- 'I have an Ace, Open Push My 100 Big Blinds All In' (unless this ace is accompied by a card 10 or above, in which case the default is to slowplay on the flop and turn then shove any river card).

Asked to explain why Titan has grown so much in popularity a spokesman highlighted the generous bonuses, great game selection and large the number of French players in the early stages of tournaments. Also adding that Party Poker was sh*te.

Whether you are in time for the 1 billionth hand or not why not check out Titan for yourself... here is a detailed (though alas serious) review to get you started:

Titan Poker Review


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