Monday, 2 June 2008

Dalai Lama Exclusive: That Bitch Cost Me A Big Pot

The Dalai Lama was said to be outraged yesterday after getting 1-outered for a big pot on $2/ $4 no-limit at Party Poker.

Taking a break from his usual passtime of whining on about the fact that out that the Chinese have f*cked his homeland, the serene one, in an exclusive interview with Melted Felt, layed the blame squarely with over the hill former 2nd rate wooden ham-so-called-actress Sharon Stone.

'There was no way he started the hand with a pair' continued Dal, 'With Stats of 26 / 5 / 32 / 1 he is raising pre-flop with every pair, all aces and most unsuited broadways too" going on "While buddah can be a little fussy about check-raising the turn I did meditate for most of my time-bank before deciding that this move did indeed fit-in with the great interlinked scheme of things" concluding that "how was I to know the donkey had an 8-high flush with a gutshot redraw to the staight flush?? I mean the board was paired and he gets check-raised all in by the Dalai-f*cking-Lama... ummm 'Hello' anybody home?"

"Never happened to me before Shaz started all that Karma shit", "soon as my name gets mentioned in the same sentence as the earthquake it starts raining bad beats" adding "its not as if Shazza even knows the difference between her a*se and her elbow - let alone how things fit together spiritually" finishing "oh well, just going to have to move up levels to where they respect my raises"


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