Monday, 16 June 2008

Dan Harrington To Release 'Harrington On Pokerbooks - vol 1'

Dan Harrington was too busy counting his piles of money for Melted Felt to interview him yesterday. Instead we will exclusively reveal that the tight-fisted one has skillfully ducked out of buying his round for long enough to bring us his latest book... Harrington On Pokerbooks - Vol 1, subtitled 'How A past-it poker pro got Bill Roberty to write a book for him'

Full of anecdotes about how to win pokergames by boring your opponents to death this diagram-filled tome brings many tips for the would be poker writer including:

- How to write a 'bio page' that makes it sound as if you are still credible when you won your last tournament over a decade ago

- Waffling your way to three volumes to maximize profits.

- How to easily hire Bill Roberty to write the whole thing for you while minimizing the percentage profit you'll pay him

- How hidden gems of 'poker advice' such as 'randomising your play using the second hand of your watch' can make you a fortune.

- 101 fun ways of making sure that you never pay the restaurant bill again.

Well, poker books is one thing - but here at Melted Felt we are really looking forward to Harringtons forthcoming 3-part guidebooks to how to get the very best from each piece of toilet paper...


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