Monday, 23 June 2008

Disappointment For Internet 1st Timer As Username TeddyKGB In Use

Logging on to play online poker for the first time lead to severe disapointment yesterday for Graham - a wannabe poker pro from South Florida.

During the creation if his first pokerstars account Graham had the highly original idea of using TeddyKGB as his on-line moniker. To his shock and suprise that the name was already in use - meaning that one other had beaten him to the punch on this occasion.

Undaunted, Graham, who planned to make $5k a month from the $137.25c he had saved from his waitering job, tried a couple of 'smart' variations including 'Teddy_KGB' and 'KGBTeddy' without any luck.

5 hours and 2946 unsuccessful attempts later the penny-dropped... maybe TeddyKGB was not such an original idea after all. Luckily for Graham he had a backup plan - time to enter 'Nate Dog' instead.


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