Monday, 9 June 2008

Former Absolute Poker Owner Wins WSOP Bracelet

Experienced members of 2+2 were last night trawling through hand histories after Phil Tom, father of Scott 'Potripper' Tom won a girly bracelet and a big pile of (almost-worthless) US currency in WSOP event 11. Indications are that he could see all of his opponents hole-cards* throughout the 3-day Shootout Event.

Early indications are that the event was entirely rigged, with several instances in which 3rd players with accounts at Absolute Poker were involved in hands. In one telling case Phil Tom opened up with 10-10 from middle position, the flop came down 6-7-9 with three hearts. Phil Checked only to see his opponent, Frank Smith of Ontario suspiciously check right behind. The dogs of 2+2 later found that Smith's sister once dated with the uncle of someone who went to school with the best friend of a junior administrator of the Kanawake Gaming Corporation - which is also fully owned by bracelet winner Phil Tom, as is the company that makes the braclets.

Asked to justify the cheating allegations against his son, Phil replied that the two-timing bitch had promised that she was on the pill, and that his other relatives - currently in charge of payouts at Full Tilt - would explain everything


* well, the backs of them anyway.


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