Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Message Board Relief As Someone Who Once Played Online Wins Bracelet

Teenage brows were being wiped in relief yesterday, Melted Felt can reveal, after someone who once played online poker won a genuine WSOP bracelet.

Until event 28 predictions from throughout the online poker communities that the online pros would crush the fields in this years World Series had fallen rather flat. The winners list was a who-is-who of grandads wearing white socks with sandals, beards and Hawaiian shirts. Anger and consternation was rising daily as the likes of Negreanu, Mattesow, Greinstein, Lindgren and Sidel took the honors.

OMGclayaiken's victory in the $5k PLO with rebuys event has been embraced throughout the message board world. From 2+2 to P5's, from ITH through to Cardschat every loud mouthed, low IQ internet poker playing schoolkid personally railed Phil Galfond every day for years now, and even occasionally played at the same table as their superstar idol.

We asked a selection of forum posters why they had never mentioned Phil 'OMGclayaiken' Galfond as a contender in their previous predictions before the WSOP...

Bill from P5's replied: 'You are so f-ing gay, my sharkscope graph is better than yours so FU'

Bob from 2+2 replied: 'After analysing hand 72 we think that the check-call, lead for 2/3rds of pot on safe turn was marginally better ev than the lead flop for half pot and call a oop bet on the suited river'.

Jim from ITH replied: 'What's PLO?'

Calv from Cardshat replied: 'No way I'm paying 50c to enter... when is the next freeroll?"


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