Thursday, 26 June 2008

PPA Upbeat On Donations As HR 5767 Defeated

In another blow to American online poker players the latest bill covering prevention of the impliementation of the completely unimplementable UIGEA will not be implemented after all.

The bill codenamed HR5767 not only contained some big words, it had the support of someone who once had no hope of becoming president - but stood anyway.

It was soundly defeated when a republican senitor conveyed a heart-felt story of how online poker players are drug-addled work-shy teenagers who need to be protected from their own tendencies to call all-ins at the bubble of SNGs without the required dollar equity and then call the initial raiser a fish.

Melted Felt yesterday spoke to John Pappas, exectutive director of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) the lobby group decidated to raising funds in support of free endeavors to legalise online poker.

Speaking from his private beach on an exclusive caribbean island, Pappas expressed optimism for the future despite the failure of the latest bill, "with over 1 million members with the potential to donate cash, the PPA is in a better position than ever to support any free initiatives that come up in the fight for online poker" said Pappas, between puffs on his premium quality Cuban cigar. "All donations to the PPA contibute to the many efforts we are making to ensure that our personal freedom to play online poker is upheld, none of which cost a penny".

Having recently returned from Washington in his private jet, Pappas was in a perfect place to tell us exactly how the hearing of HR5767 went. 'Well, badly on the surface of course" continuing, "the key to the political process is more donations to the PPA - and soon. Our ability to be completely ineffective while indulging in every imaginable personal luxuary is directly related to the donations of our members".

Our interview was unfortunately cut short by John's appointment on the golf course, as he stepped into his brand-new PPA sponsored Ferrari - Pappas left us with the following, "We at the PPA believe that the future of online poker is very bright, with a number of free initiatives in the pipeline over a number of years - ensuring the maximum time for further donations"


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