Thursday, 26 June 2008

Quest For Online Screen-Name Ends In Disaster

Not wishing to leave a story alone while there is still even the remotest crumb of (alledged) humor to be squeezed* out of it, Melted Felt yesterday caught up with Graham, the wannabe poker pro who was having trouble finding a suitable Poker-Stars screen name in this post Screen-Name TeddyKGB In Use

* You ever tried squeezing a crumb? well, have you?

Anyway, as expected the 1391 variations of 'Nate Dog' were also gone. What we did not expect is the shambles of a mess that Graham would get himself in along with his oh-so-easily-impressed-buddy Mick.

It started when Graham had yet another flash of original inspiration - spotting the humorous connection between 'Poker' and 'Poke-Her'. This alone caused a slow but unstoppable spray of soda to spring from our South Florida waiter's mouth. When Mick then pointed out that the combination of '4' and 'King' in a poker name would sound like 'f*cking' the soda actually started coming from Grahams nose... then disaster struck, 'Jack-King-Off' popped into our teenage gamblers mind just as he was discreatly passing some wind and he went right ahead and shat himself.

At this point in procedings Grahams mom entered the room to see what all the noise was about and found her son writhing on the floor with a foaming mouth and sh*t coming out of his pants - then looked up to see Poker Stars on the PC screen and her credit card popped up ready on the keyboard... oops.

Right, back to squeezing crumbs.


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Littleacornman said...

He should have tried a more orginal name.Maybe something like "deeznuts"...

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