Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shock As Intellipoker Player Folds Before River

Melted Felt can today exclusively reveal the shocking story of Klaus, an 18 year old German poker enthusiast and member of IntelliPoker - who managed to find the 'Fold' button.

Until 4:26pm yesterday Klaus had followed the normal IntelliPoker system of playing in an ultra-loose, ultra-passive style which had the dual effect of losing money and completely baffling opponents. When, out of the blue, he had the overwhelming urge to use the fold button before the river betting was complete.

"It was like ein religious experience" said Klaus after we tracked him down bagging a deck-chair in Majorca at 6am, continuing "Das flop wass 7-8-9 auf Hearts, Der Turn wass 10 auf hearts and Die River an offsuit 2. Mein A-2 off containen nicht hearts und mein opponent pushed all-in".

We asked about the thought processes which lead to the fold here, "I checken that there were nicht other IntelliPoker Players at das table, then just clicked the button marked 'Folden' " finishing, "it was vunderbar! Mein stack was still with me after the hand, even though I had ein pair on das river..."

Klaus went on to win the $3 SNG tournament in which this momentus event happened and is now planning to invade the $6.50 turbos, just as soon as he finishes reading 'Mein Kampf".



SG said...

Nice one - this blog is even funnier than Bluscouse! Love the Dali Lama' comment earlier 'I'll to move up to higher limits so they respect my raises'. Lol well done.

I'll add you to my blog:

Mark said...

Thanks ZC - consider it linked!

No Respect said...

This is funny as hell. I'm adding you to my blog as well.

Randy (Ridge) from PAP

Littleacornman said...

Check your sources.That just can't be a true story :-)

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