Saturday, 7 June 2008

World Series Qualifier Baffled by Clay 'Tokens'

Melted Felt can today bring you exclusive news of confusion, mayhem and poker from Las Vegas Nevada, where the World series of poker is in its 5th year*

With household names such as Gigabet, Moneymaker and Rizen at the tables (well, ok, in the buffet in the case of Rizen and Moneymaker) the competition for seats among internet poker players has reached fever pitch

One such qualifier turned up in his Poker Stars gear, laptop in hand only to be told that said computer would not be necessary. "Its wierd" confirmed Joe from Altanta, "they are playing with these small rectangle pieces of stiff paper which have had the numbers and suits printed on them and betting is done with colored tokens instead of a slider...".

Asked whether he thought that this would lead to some adjustments in his approach to the game Joe confided that he had yet to come to grips with how the pot size, hand history and bet amount data would be displayed. Adding that he though shouting 'Fold, Fold Fold Fold Fold' when bluffing would be somewhat less effective in the live environment.

Stay tuned, as soon as the World Series stops being boring as fu*k to anyone not directly involved Melted Felt will bring you the news!


* Well, ok, some small tournament with a similar name might have run before Chris Moneymaker in 2003

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Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of a story I read a while agi where a guy was wasted in a casino and the floor was called as he was that wrecked he was demanding to know where the pot size was displayed on the table! LOL!

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