Wednesday, 25 June 2008

WSOP Chaos As Gus Hansen's Ears Run Amok!

The Rio was thrown into chaos last night as Gus Hansen's ears went on a three hour rampage through the WSOP preliminaries, Melted Felt can exclusively reveal.

Knocking over chips, turning up hole-cards and generally making a nuicance of themselves, Hansen's ears were asked to leave the gaming area on no less than 3 occasions by the floor.

However, when they scuttled up the trouser leg of a dealer causing a collapse just as a crucial flop was being dealt the situation took on a far more serious tone.

The local police department and FBI were called, sealing off the building while a table-to-table search was made. Gus' ears were eventually cornered in the buffett where they were having an impromtu fight with the live lobsters.

Commenting on the decision to bring in Rentokil to finish the job, a Rio's spokesman said "While we have been monitoring Phil Ivey's wierd looking chin, Greg Raymer's flappy neck and Mike Matesows Man-Boobs for a while now - we completely mis-judged the threat from Gus' lug-holes"

Asked for his comments on the way to the Las Vagas municipal lost animal pound to retrieve his ears Gus Hansen relied, "Eh?"


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