Sunday, 6 July 2008

4th July Disaster As Family Unimpressed By Latest PTBB/100 Achievement

Bill, an aspiring poker pro and currently a low-limit grinder from Seattle, WA returned home - along with millions of others - for a family 4th of July celebration this weekend.

Melted Felt insiders can exclusively reveal that Bill's hopes of really proving to the folks that he made a great career choice were somewhat dashed.

After an hour of listening to his brother Will talk about the finance business in which he is a senior partner, his sister Jill talk about how successful her husband Carl is in the pet food industry and various nieces and nephews screaming and shouting.... Bill decided it was time for the 'big announcement' that he had been saving up - and started hitting his glass with a fork to bring silence to the table.

Proudly standing to give his announcement, Bill cleared his throat to tell everyone that since his last visit 2 months ago he had achieved 6 PTBB/100 at 50NL over 18k hands!!!

Silence you could cut with a knife lasted an eternal 2 minutes, only broken by his great-aunt Dorothy asking whether this was something to do with that new-fangled Dungeons and Dragons.

Bill, defending his idea blurted out that this was a major success and that many players rarely reach 4 PtBB/100 - quickly adding that while some people appear to have better results their sample size is too small and so their results can be explained by varience alone.

The final nail in our aspiring pro's coffin came from his sister Jill, who - with a slightly puzzled look on her face - asked "Isn't online poker illegal??"


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