Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Annette_15 Stops Eating Long Enough To Alienate Her Fans.

Annette Obrestad, the prodigy from Norway famous for eating a lot of pies and winning some poker tournaments landed in hot water yesterday - alienating her entire army of low-limit fans and getting banned from Poker Stars too.

Playing under her online pseudonym Annette_15 in the $100 rebuy on Stars, the poker pup decided to have some fun by agreeing to push all-in with junk with another online pro Charder... The chubby prodigy of the virtual felt then thought it would be funny to post the mail received regarding an investigation into possible collusion by Poker Stars - see the entire chat transcript in this Pocket 5's Thread .

As the reverberations were felt throughout the online poker world, Melted Felt caught up with a distraught Norwegian fan of Annette_15 for the inside scoop. Tore Wooljumperson, micro-grinder from somewhere very cold in Norway gulped down a herring and sobbed over the $3+rebuys as he told us how devastated he was.

"Annette has shown contempt for her fans, yes. By wasting the same as the entire bankrolls of her fans for only fun having, yes", scoffing a large slab of pickled herring, Tore continued, "Ve are spending many months to getting the money, yes, now Annette shows she did not care about fans and holds the wery persons, yes, she came from just small numbers of years, yes, ago in complete contempt".

We complimented Tore on his very nice patterned sweater and left him to his herrings - instead continuing the quest for quotes on Miss Piggy Obrestadts waste of cash on a more global scale.

Verkeet, walking the 7 kilometers to the nearest well in a run down corner of Nepal had no idea what we were going on about.

Ammassi, a 5 year old African girl who lost her parents to aids did not respond to our questions.

Luke, Who was dying of cancer and whose familiy could not afford his final wish of a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre had never heard of Annette either.

Well done Annette - you really did yourself proud.



gadzooks64 said...

Dude, srsly, I'm spewing my coffee here.

Mark said...

Ahah, thanks Gadz

Here at the MF Office we have a chinese meal on the way. According to our sources, being on the way is the closest possible point for our lunch without actually being here.


Anonymous said...

Show some respect ppl...


Mark said...

You are right of course, 17 year old spotty male who sign's as Annette... we do need to show more respect. I mean, what did the Intellipoker guys ever do to offend us after all!


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