Thursday, 10 July 2008

Calling Station Sets New 'Levels Of Thinking' Record

With signs that the 10c / 25c No-Limit Holdem tables becoming increasingly competitive - Melted Felt can bring you exclusive news of a new poker world record in levels of thinking.

Yes, yesterday in a $4.25c (after rake) pot on Titan Poker, Niels - an avid Dutch poker player - found that he could not justify his river call with his missed ace-seven using the conventional logic involved in poker.

Fortunately for Niels he decided to take things one step futher and really get into the psychological battle involved in the hand... and ended up thinking on the 38th level!

"I had just lit a joint, having finished my shift growing tulips at the windmill, washed down a big ball of Edam with some Heineken and taken my clogs off for the day" recalled Niels, "I wanted to call my opponents bet but could not see a hand that I could beat that could make the large river bet" continuing, "based on thinking what my opponent had I was in trouble, and also when we looked at what my opponent thought I had it looked like a van Gogh's ear of a situation to me".

"Next I tried thinking about what my opponent thought I put him on - based on my bets... still no good for a call". Niels went on to tell is that finishing the joint quickly enabled him to reach the 38th level of thinking and make the call "It was necessary to work out what he thought I thought he thought I thought he thought I thought he thought I thought he thought I though.... etc... I was holding - it then became clear that my ace-seven was an easy call, the same as most other hands where my opponent does not bet all-in"

After considerable efforts we managed to catch up with Derek from County Cork, Ireland who was in the hand and explained the levels of thinking record being used against him. "No idea what you are talking about, to be sure to be sure (!)" said Derek, "I had a pair of Jacks and noticed that the Dutch guy was playing every f-ing pot".


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