Thursday, 31 July 2008

Exclusive: Feds Sieze Calvin Ayre's Spare Change

Hot off the press another MF exclusive - Not since the fall of the iron curtain have the US government been so lazer focused in targeting dangers to the very fabric of society as now... with ther crackdown on the gutter life that is, erm, normal everyday people who enjoy the occasional game of poker online.

In the latest high profile crackdown the Feds today took the spare change from a pair of designer jeans that Bodog's Calvin Ayre left in the washing - and impounded it.

Ayre, who is famous for paying his own press department to constantly call him an 'international playboy', was unavailable to comment immediately on why a gentleman in his 50's would wear jeans which fit a little too tight around the crotch, or why he had $24 million in the back pocket.

A Bodog insider stated that very few players at their notoriously clunky poker site should be affected - as the $24 million siezed was probably only going to be laundered anyway*. "Well, so few players actually ever cash out that it is hard to see who is going to be affected" our insider told us, continuing. "Bodog are proud to bring you bad poker software which is completely free of whining Canadians, and will be happy to consider the question of cashing out if and when one of our players gets to that point".


* Note: We meant laundered with the jeans of course (you have read our Big Girly Disclaimer right??)

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