Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Harrah's Concerned As WSOP Day 1's Utterly Dull

Concern was rising at the end of yesterday as the 4th 'Day 1' of the World Series of Poker managed to pass off without any incident whatsoever... bringing the total of completely dull days to 4 of 4.

Journalists from around the world were left wringing their hands and hoping for 'something to happen - anything' as only a single bad beat story involving 2 players nobody ever heard of graced the entire 4 days (fortunately, it appears that all 375 live journalists present coincidentally happened to be watching table 93 - 4 from the left in row 3 - at exactly the right time to catch this).

Looking forward to a yawn inducing start to the 'day 2's ', where some players will bust and others win chips, the collected Poker Media are thought to be considering all options. Since Pink Bunnies are now thought rather passe, a poker version of the annual Pamplona (Spanish) 'Bull Run', spiking of all drinks with odourless pure alcohol and a special 'voodoo priestess' service for pin-sticking anyone who bad-beats you have all been considered...

In the end the anti-climax that is this years WSOP is probably already beyond rescue... Melted Felt will, however, be keeping a close eye out for the release of 50 live scorpions during blind level 14.


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