Friday, 18 July 2008

Mandela Calls For Return Of Stars 10/180s

Nelson Mandela has used the worldwide media publicity for his 90th Birthday celebrations to call for Poker Stars to bring back the 10/180 non-turbo SNG tournaments.

Mandela, who - for a bet - took his name from Student bars in universities worldwide, famed for being in prison and once meeting the spice-girls, expressed his concern that stopping the popular $10 10-table SNGs is actually the single largest social issue facing the world today.

"We have tried to stop war, hunger, disease and discrimination for many years", Mandela was quoted as saying yesterday, "but really all that happened was a bunch of lefties with sandals and round glasses got in a room and debated it - so we gave up with all that c*ap".

"Before I die I would like to see the biggest of the world's wrongs corrected once again", adding, "the turbo 12/180s are not the same game - and I believe that the speedy blind structure is designed to make more rake for the company... a whole generation who grew up on the non-turbo 10/180s is now living with anger and dejection - do they step down to the 4's or move up to the 20's??"

Asked to comment on Nelson Mandela's comments Poker Stars released the following statement, "Look out for the 'Nelson Mandela' turbo FPPs MTT freeroll series of poker' soon, guaranteed to make Full Tilt Poker look Sh*te"



Littleacornman said...

Top drawer again! I never realised he was named after the bar at Strathclyde Uni either.This blog is truly educational..

Mark said...

Cheers Acorn, MF are planning on drinking stupid amounts this evening in order to come up with something suitable for the pope to have just apologised for... maybe!


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