Friday, 4 July 2008

Poker Pro Profile: Full Tilt's Turtle

In the first of several exclusive profiles of online poker professionals, Melted Felt is today delighted to bring you the bio of Full Tilt's Turtle.

Born near Jaco, Costa Rica as one of 527 siblings, the Turtle had a traumatic start to life with land, sea and air based creatures all trying to eat him. It took a while after this for our damp friend to come out of his shell.

Later on, having exchanged the vastness of the Pacific Ocean for an ornamental swimming pool in Las Vagas, the turtle ground his way up from the lower limits, regularly using his 'ever-so-sweet' image to stack so called 'internet-pros' coming into town for the first time determined to play their brand of chip-spewing poker.

The turtles big break almost came in the 2003 World Series Main Event where he reached the final two tables with a commanding chip lead. Just as the tables were about to be combined into one, the Full Tilt Turtle was completely overcome by an overwhelming desire to migrate... how different poker history might have looked had the turtle been the winner instead of the ugly lump of a man that is Chris Moneymaker.

Taken on by Full Tilt in 2006 the Turtle's image now graces tables from the micros right the way up to the smaller buy-ins where he indicates as clearly as daylight that the player behind is as weak-tight as they come....


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