Thursday, 24 July 2008

PPA Attempt To Hide Total Ineffectiveness In High Profile Finger Pointing Exercise

The Poker Player's Alliance - Famed for taking millions in donations and doing less than f-ck all of any use to poker - stopped counting their big piles of cash for a few minutes yesterday in order to divert attention from their own inadequacy, by pointing the finger at Ultimate Bet.

In a long and dull press release Alfonse D'Amateo (pictured) basically said the following.

"Ultimate Bet Cheating is very very bad, very very very bad and not very good at all - unlike the PPA who are simply great" adding "The Kahnawake Gaming Corporation are very naughty, very very corrupt and very very very bad men - compare this to the PPA, who - though totally impotent - are really nice chaps who support your rights to play online poker completely"

Finishing "Absolute Poker are also bad, very rigged, very very very rigged indeed - while the Poker Player's Alliance are not rigged at all... in fact we are totally open about receiving donations and will endeavor to provide the best service we can to online poker, as long as it does not cost us anything"

Well Senitor D'Amateo, thank you very much, rumor has it that UB will shortly strike back with a press release showing photos of the PPAs D'Amateo and Pappas dressed in rubber gimp suits.


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