Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sales Plummet After Last Opponent Buys Tournament Pro's Book

Melted Felt can today exclusively reveal that, just a month after the delayed launch, sales of a new poker book have plummeted.

"Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time" by Eric 'Rizen' Lynch, Jon "Pearljammer" Turner and Jon "Who?" Van Fleet got off to a strong start, selling more than 1000 copies in its first 2 weeks. Sales since then have ground to a virtual standstill as every single one of the trios opponents in the $50 and up online poker tournaments have a copy - and nobody else gives a flying f-ck.

Originally due out in the new year, Winning Poker Tournaments was delayed several times as porky pro Rizen kept submitting his favorite cake recipies. Eventually convinced to write some poker content, and after last minute meetings to convince the publishers that a couple of people had actually heard of Apestyles the book came out.

Melted Felt interviewed a random opponent who regularly meets the guys in the nightly online tournaments and asked his opinion of the book. "Well, I have now made some new notes on Pearljammers hand ranges from early position, figured a perfect strategy to counter Ape's bubble play and have realised that typing 'hmmm, big tasty apple pies with delicious vanilla ice-cream' will almost always get a free showdown from Rizen" said our anonymous contact.

Numerous follow-up marketing strategies are being considered, including making it clear to the poker book buying population that they had better get a copy, or we'll send Pearljammer round..


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