Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturday Silliness: Beard Experts (Part #1!)

Shockingly, David Sklansky's 'About The Author' Page from 'NLHE Theory and Practice' was hacked yesterday, we at Melted Felt feel that the change from 'gambling' to 'beards' was a 100% improvement... look out for Part #2 any month now when Barry Greenstein replies.

About David Sklansky

David Sklansky is generally considered the number one authority on beards in the world today. Besides his twelve books on the subject, David has also produced two videos and numerous writings for various facial-hair publications.

More recently David has been doing consulting work for shaving and trimming companies. He recently invented several beard-games including 'merkin challenge' and 'all-in sideburns'. David attributes his standing in the beardy community to three facts:

1. The fact that he presents his beard as simply as possible (sometimes with Mason Malmuth and now with Ed Miller) even though these beards frequently involve concepts which that are deep, subtle, and not to be found elsewhere.

2. The fact that what he articulates can be counted on to be accurate.

3. The fact that for many years a large portion of his income was derived from beards (usually full-beards, but occasionally goatees, moustaches and big-fluffy sideburns).

There is little doubt that the majority of successful beard-wearers today attribute a great deal of their success by reading and studying Davids beard.


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