Tuesday, 15 July 2008

'That 2 Timing B*tch Gave Me A Rash'

A big row broke out over the World Series felt yesterday when Tiffany Michelle, the first (even slightly) attractive female poker pro to bubble the final table was caught 2 timing Poker News and Ultimate Bet.

Speculation is rife throughout the poker world as to the reasons. Tiffany 'Hot Chips' Michelle is thought to have been in a long term relationship with Poker News who paid her tournament buy-ins in exchange for wearing bad hats.

When 'new kid on the felt' UB impressed her with the size of its package*, promising a super-user account and to immediately stop photo-shopping pictures of poker granny Annie Duke - Tiff could not resist.

Poker-News, devastated with the breakup of their relationship at first tried to wooo Tiffany back. Promises to cut down on nights out with the boys, to give up smoking and to be a little less selfish in bed were all in vain. Bouquets of red-roses, loving poems and desperate calls to her friends to 'talk her round' followed - but also to no avail.

When Poker-News turned up in person to tearfully ask Tiffany for 'just one more chance, please', UB stepped right in to ask 'Is this established poker portal bothering you at all?', puffing out its considerable chest in the process... Poker-News spun away - storming out of the Rio, determined to spend the rest of the day typing press releases claiming the Ulimate Bet are a bunch of cheats...


* Financial package of course

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