Saturday, 26 July 2008

Toronto Police Crack Down On Poker Whining

In a city-wide crackdown 50 people were arrested this week for playing short-stacked no-limit holdem and going on and on (for crying out loud they went on) about losing 70 / 30 or 60 / 40 flips.

The illegal gambling dens were business establishments, a police spokesman said yesterday adding, "We received numerous complaints via our global intelligence services that Canadians were total f-cking whiners when they lost a pot online" continuing, "they jusy moan on and on about it in the chat box far too much - and this is, in fact, damaging the reputation of our country around the world"

City officials did not think that the small fines and stiff talks from police went far enough. David Miller - the mayor of Toronto was quoted as saying, "Canadian short-stackers are not only letting themselves down, they are letting the country down" calling for all Canadians to buy-in for at least 60BBs he covered the topic of whining "come on folks, remember that your long term ev is improved when you get your money in good - whether or not you win the pot on each occasion, I urge all Canadian citizens to use proper bankroll management and to shut the f*ck up with your girly whinging in the chat box if you lose a pot - ok?"

We went online to ask a Canadian player for his reaction... but all we got in return was "uh, nice call pre-flop - donkey"


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