Tuesday, 15 July 2008

UB Latest: Support For Hamilton Floods In.

With the latest damning evidence in the UB cheating scandal pointing firmly to founder Russ Hamilton yesterday, it would appear that the online poker had hit a new low ebb.

However, Melted Felt can exclusively reveal that Hamilton - who filled his boots with dollars courtesy of bad high-stakes cash game players at Ultimate Bet - has received numerous messages of support from some of the worlds acclaimed business leaders, politicians and financial specialists.

Kenneth Lay, former boss of energy giant Enron, was quoted as telling Hamilton not to worry about a few million here and there was chump change, and that blaming the accountants was always a viable option.

Dick Cheyney, who famously landed prestigeous government contracts for his old chums at Halliburton also chimed in with a message of support, stating - "Poker has been corrupt since the first hand was dealt in that Western with Clint Eastwood in it, you were only taking your share to re-invest for the good of the American people Russ" adding "oh and when those pesky online players say bad things just raise an eyebrow and say 'sure kid, all online poker is perfectly safe' followed with a knowing wink"

Bill Gates, coming out of retirement early stated that he would have preferred to see some corporate bully tactics, in which UB deceived the poker world into putting rivals with better software out of business.

And finally we get to Nick Leeson, who has been out of work since accidentially bringing down Barings Bank in the 80's. "Looks like you got caught too easily Russ" he was quoted as saying yesterday, "I'd be happy to act as a consultant for a more complicated version next time - all I ask in exchange is for one of those super-user accounts...."

Melted Felt would like to take the opportunity to strongly condem the illegal filling of pockets with cash from UB's owners - and also ask the question "did anyone really believe this business to be 100% honest?"


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