Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Chan Poker To Close

In another Melted Felt exclusive we are sorry to bring you the news that Chan Poker is to close its doors immediately - ceasing all poker operations from Thursday the 21st of August.

As you have come to expect from Melted Felt, we tracked down the affected parties for an exclusive interview... in this case we managed to speak to both players who joined this pro-sponsored poker site over the last year.

Bill from Idaho - who held the accolade of being Chan Poker's only real money player - was apparently having a little trouble clearing the bonus which attracted him. "For the first 5 months I focused on the No-Limit Holdem tables, but sitting alone waiting for someone else to deposit kind of got dull so I switched to PLO instead", continuing "sure, there were no other players there either, but I was still pretty pumped waiting for someone to come and overplay aces."

Jimmy from Florida was also a big fan of Chan Poker, but only being 11 years-old did not make a real-money deposit - instead joining poker forums throughout the world 10 minutes before their private freerolls and asking whether he was still in time to get the password - since it was his birthday.

We asked Jimmy what he thought of the closure of Chan Poker yesterday via instant messenger.... "YOU WILL FEAR ME", was his initial reply, going on to ask "PLEASE LEND ME $5 on TILT, I WILL REPAY $10, I ONLY NEED 3 MORE POINTS TO CLEAR MY BONUS - RETARD" .... we declined.



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How do you think of this stuff?

Mark said...

Hey thanks, at least I think so... the stories just pop out, guest pieces always welcome though (will post one tommorrow in fact!)

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