Saturday, 9 August 2008

Exclusive: Bert From Sesame Street To Launch Poker Training Site

In another world-exclusive, Melted Felt today bring you the sensational news that Sesame Street are moving away from their core-role of entertaining stoned college kids in the early hours - and into the competative world of poker training.

With every-man and his dog starting a training site these days, the Sesame Street franchise are hoping that the instantly recognisable character will win over the fans. They'll face still competition, rumor has it that Mushu - Daniel Negreanu's dog and Howard Lederers pet tuna are both close to completeing their own rival sites.

An insider at Sesame Street gave us the lowdown on the new endeavor '' "It is going to be a cross between cardbummers and poker vex factor" said a spokesman yesterday, "we realised that the vast majority of online poker players are f9cking stupid - so we brought in a special button to which works with drawing hands which brings up 'The Count' to show the outs... you know 'One, lovely OooooWWt, ahahahahahahahaha. TWO fantastic OooooWWts' and so on"

We asked whether there were likely to be any poker pros involved to give members insights into the through processes required to make it big on the virtual felt? "Well", said the spokesman, "the snuffleupacus is actually pretty sharp when it comes to SNG bubble play...."


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Anonymous said...

Having The Count pop up would be amazing!In fact having Sesame Street characters instead of that annoying paperclip etc in Excel would be a better idea!

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