Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Exclusive: Full Tilt Unveil 59,564th 'Red Pro'

The Full Tilt Poker media department was today thrown into a press-release related frenzy as they proudly introduced their latest 'red pro', a gentleman named John - from Maine.

We spoke to John about his thoughts on becoming Full Tilt's 59,564th Red Pro and his plans for the future: "My first reaction was that of shock" said 20 year old trainee electrician John, "after 2 failed attempts I managed to win a $3+30c Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo SNG - and the phones just went crazy," continuing, "having my name listed in red, together with 97.3% of all players at the world's most datamined poker site is certainly an accolade - I would have told all my mates about it, only I'm too much of a loser to have any".

John continued about his plans for the future, "Well, with my winnings I played some more SNGs and now have an ROI of 39% over 52 games, since the averages are only around 15% it seems I am the worlds most talented poker player and will shortly be giving up my job to grind SNGs for a living".

We asked Full Tilt to comment on why every player and his dog are now red pros. While the spokesman declined to comment they did point out that Poker Stars Is Rigged!.


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