Monday, 4 August 2008

Exclusive: PPA To Change Name

Exclusive news this Monday Morning - as Melted Felt sensationally reveal that the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), famed for doing sweet FA for online poker while making a lot of noise, are to change their name.

Yes, from today the PPA will be known as "Cardplaying American Services Holdings", or CASH for short. The mission will remain the same as before - to spend as much money as possible on completely free endevours to collect more donations, erm, sorry, we mean get online poker legalised.

John Pappas, speaking from his mansion on an undisclosed tropical island tax haven explained the change. "We are looking to streamline the processes here, so that the maximum amount of donated money goes towards our 100% free activities," adding, "before we would have to pay middle-men, banks and couriers to get the money safely offshore - as you can understand making those checks payable to CASH will greatly simplify this, leaving us both more time and money to do sweet f-ck-all for the online poker community".

We took the opportunity to ask Pappas what the next moves for CASH were to be. "Online Poker?" he replied, "Isn't that illegal?".


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