Monday, 11 August 2008

Hoyt Corkins In Domain Buying Scandal

In another Melted Felt exclusive we can today bring you the sensational news that Hoyt Corkins, the completely off-his-trolley poker pro, bid $31,000 at a domain auction for and is now refusing to pay a cent!

The fruity-nutty live professional is claiming that the voices in his head told him that - unless he set up a website dedicated to proof that Sebok was, in fact, completely heterosexual - they would make him kill innocent fluffy woooland creatures.

Corkins, famed for setting up a poker site and then closing it down ripping off everyones cash, actually claims not to remember bidding on the Sebok-gayness domain at all - claiming this was a 'manic episode'.

Well, Mr C - Melted Felt think your excuse is a little too convienient here. If things were that easy there would be an awful lot of people in the world making claims like:

- I'm not really married, I said my vows when feeling a little down.
- No need to repay that car / house / holiday loan - my mind was a little cluttered with chemicals.
- Time for a fraud claim on Full Tilt, it was not me putting in $10k with my credit card it was my evil-twin who lives in the same body.

Here at MF we understand that the Sebok Not Gay website will go to the 2nd bidder... we look forward to seeing the completed work soon...



Anonymous said...

Your blog is freakin hilarious. How do you come up with all this shit. Kudos. Ill keep reading it, bookmarked :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks there stiankr... we only win a cake when we upset our readers, but positive feedback is always great to receive.

Cheers, MF

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