Thursday, 14 August 2008

If They Were Not Involved In Poker #2 - Daniel Negreanu

Another classic - original (well as far as we know) was in a 2+2 thread... and no, they did not have permission to use Negreanu's image or the village people either - ah, the wonders of the interweb.

2+2 Thread With Loads Of Excellent Pictures Of Cats

(note: #1 also now credited to the same thread!)


Unknown said...

Public Domain does not require permission. Just like Satire isn't libel. And it's frivolous effort anyway.

However, if you are generating blog traffic, for posting a picture that was created eleswhere, it deserves some pimpage. That was my point. Instead, I came off anal retentive. :-)

LP said...

LOL, I posted on this as well:

Mark said...

No worries at all Champ... your point was a good one and we are happy to add the links.

Great minds thinking alike for sure lp!!

Cheers, Mark

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