Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Mason Malmuth To Refocus The 2+2 Forums - On Cats

Sensational breaking news to bring you today, Mason Malmuth - owner of 2+2 Publishing and the associated forums - has decided that all these pesky poker players talking about, erm, poker on his, erm poker forum (!) are damaging book sales.

In a secret note to moderators (link below), Malmuth has sent specific instructions that all poker-related content is to be instantly deleted, and the 2+2 forums will now be re-focused on cats.

After a sneak-preview of the new layout we can report that instead of 'No-Limit Holdem' with sub-divisions into micro-stakes / small-stakes / mid stakes etc, we will now have 'Family Cats' with specially moderated sub-forums for 'Tabby' 'Tortoise-shell' and 'Black Ones', there will be a board dedicated for fur-balls and the beginners board will now we focused on how to train your kitten to shit in the litter tray rather than the kitchen floor.

Malmuth, famed for failing to make much money from the worlds largest poker website, was not available for comment yesterday. However a spokesman confirmed that Dan Harrington had already spoken to Bill Roberty - who was busy writing the first 3 volumes of 'Harrington on, erm, Cats'


Here is the link to the original news article!

2+2 To Pull Poker Posts

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