Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Melted Felt's 1st Contest - Tilt John Juanda And Win A Sea-Lion

Melted Felt are pleased to bring you an exclusive contest - to run for the next 2 months or so. Yes, sensationally we are today announcing that we will award the prize of a geniue live Sea-Lion* to the first person to successfully tilt John Juanda - either live or online.

The rules of this contest have been made so simple that even you can understand them. So, here they are:

1) Find ultra-serene poker legend Juanda either in person or online.... then;

2) Tilt him.

Lets face it folks, as rules go those are dead simple.

So, entries should be submitted via comments and marked 'Wheres my f9cking Sea-lion then?' closing date 19th October '08.


*The sea-lion in question is located in Whipsnade Zoo and Safari park which is a smaller and decidedly family-friendly establishment near Dunstable in central England. The new owner will become the 'spiritual owner' of 'Bessy' a 6 year-old female, unless they go and nick her.

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