Thursday, 28 August 2008

Micheal Phelps To Play '09 WSOP - Melted Felt Tests His Poker Skills!

With online forums buzzing with news that Olympic swimming hero Micheal Phelps has shown an interest in joining the 2009 World Series of Poker, Melted Felt today bring you a calorie-filled exclusive hand in which we try to assess the big-handed swimming-machine's skills.

Phelps famously has a diet of approximately 12000 calories a day which he burns off in the pool. In order to level the playing field as much as possible we chose opponents with equally high-calorie intakes.

Here is how the hand went down... starting before the flop.

Phelps - UTG: Dealt 6-7 of diamonds and limps for one fried-egg and mayo sandwich.
Erika 'Rizen' Lynch - UTG+1: Looks down at 2-9 off suit, remembers it is nearly dinner time and wanders off.
Mike Matusow: Calls the fried-egg sandwich bet blind (without looking at his cards)
Shaun 'F9cking' Deeb: Finding QQ on the button Deeb raises 3 more fried-egg sandwiches and a bacon roll
Todd Brunson: Folds A-5 off from the Small Blind
Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke: Finds A-K Hearts in the BB and re-raises making it 12 fried-egg (and mayo) sandwiches, 4 bacon rolls and 2 cups of milky, sweet coffee to go.

With the calories flying it was up to Phelps to act... with the betting still open and his decidely shaky suited connector out of position all eyes were on the swimming pool champ.

Phelps: Re-raises once again! Making it 2 kilos (4 pounds) of fresh pasta with carbonara sauce in addition to the fried-egg sandwich mountain!
Matusow: Complains that no-body respects his limps and folds his pair of 4's.
Shaun 'f9uking' Deeb: In a tough spot but not shy of consuming a calorie or two, Deeb figures that Frike is the real danger and elects to call and see what high-fat foodstuffs develop after the flop.
Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke: : Frike is confused by Phelp's re-raise and eats a juicy t-bone steak while he decides, Matusow calls the floor complaining that eating your buy-in constitues removing chips from the table during a hand, floor gives Matusow an ice-cream. Gobboboy eventually flat calls - with 3 to the flop and a mountain of high-calorie food in the middle going into the next betting round.

Well, our gold medalist certainly made an unusual play - lets see what the flop brings and how things develop from there.

The flop comes down A-5-Q with 2 hearts.

Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke: Checks, presumably planning a check-raise
Micheal Phelps: With only 3 to a straight Phelps realises he is unlikely to win the hand at showdown... controversially deciding to represent the ace he bets out, adding two tuna-steaks and 2 large '4-seasons' pizzas to the pot.
Shaun 'f9cking' Deeb: Based on the pre-flop action and his trips is happy just to call the bet.
Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke: Now pounces! Adding 7 cheese and mushroom omletes, 4 big portions of apple pie and half a lobster to the pot.
Phelps: Now realises his blunder and reluctantly folds.
Shaun 'f9cking' Deeb: Pounces, raising all in, a total of over 135,000 calories.
Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke: Is now pot-committed and calls, eventually hitting his 3rd heart on the river to take down a monster buffet.

So, is Phelps ready for the 2009 World Series? Melted Felt will leave you to decide!


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LMFAO! Pure gold as per usual!

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