Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Poker Strategy 'Expert' at $50NL Scares Off Only Weaker Opponent

Having read and re-read Sklansky and Miller's 'No-Limit Holdem Theory and Practice', Luke from San Diego yesterday loaded up his Ultimate Bet account with a cool $100 and hit the tables ready to 'stack some donks'.

Luke, who works cleaning floors and changing the oil of old engines in a local auto-repair franchise during the day, was just amazed by what he saw at the $50 (25c / 50c blinds) table he had just brought into for a $30 chunk of his tiny bankroll.

Not only did his opponent make the classic error of calling a raise with just a single pair, which was 'obviously' not a big-pot hand, this same opponent had bet the river where no worse hand was likely to call.

Siezing the opportunity to 'show the donks who was the daddy', Luke pointed out this players errors, avoiding bad words but using 'donk', 'fish' and 'moron' regularly. The opponent shrugged, and left the table - wondering just why so many 'keyboard hardmen' need to berate others and why their self-esteem is so low to begin with.

Luke was unfortunately oblivious to the fact that the player he had just chased away was, in fact, the only opponent at the table he had even the smallest hope of beating... and even this guy was quickly replaced by someone who could see through Luke's bet sizing, overly large bluffs with busted draws and mini-raises with monsters.

Of course, only a couple of weeks - and several deposits - later Luke had 'proof' that online poker is totally rigged to 'reward the donks'... and moved to his local Casino where many, many players were certain to benefit from his sharp strategy insights.


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