Monday, 4 August 2008

PokerStars Shock As UK Player Uploads Manchester United Icon

In another Melted Felt exclusive we bring you the shocking story of icon uploads!

Yesterday, at around half past 3, Julie Baker was busy doing her utterly dull job of approving PokerStars icons for upload 5 weeks after they were submitted. By 3:37 pm she was sat in a small office, sipping a sweetened cup of tea and nibbling a chocolate biscuit while concerned colleages asked "are you sure you are alright" repeatedly.

We caught up with Julie to find out what happened in those traumatic 7 minutes.

"Well" started Julie, "I was busy playing Scrabulous and chatting about last nights soaps with the other staff, you know, approving a couple of avatar uploads as usual", continuing, "it seemed like a perfectly normal day, f-ck ugly baby photos, scary monsters posted by spotty 18 year-olds and all that... then the Man-U logo thing happened".

Julie paused and visibly pailed at this point, prompting Melted Felt to produce a packet of chocolate biscuits. Julie hesitatingly continued "I'd done 100's before, you know, half of the players from Norway and Sweden have either Man U or Liverpool logos, and asian players never consider any other team" Julie swallowed hard, "the thing is this player was... from.... Manchester".

Shocked, Julie had fainted and been taken by concerned colleages to the office to recover. We asked PokerStars to comment on the incident and what safeguards were in place for their staff for shocking incidents like this. While they refused to comment on the individual incident a spokesman did say, "yeah, but Full Tilt are sh*te".


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Anonymous said...

Too true my friend! Any football from from Manchester supports City. Scum, sorry Utd, are full of glory supporters.

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