Friday, 22 August 2008

Worlds Oldest Man Dies - While Waiting For Full Tilt Cashout

A tearful exclusive to bring you today, Melted Felt are sorry to report that Al Martinez from South California has passed away.

Al, was the proud holder of 2 world records. Not only was he the world's oldest living man at the age of 131, he had also been waiting the longest for his Full Tilt poker cash-out with a record 107 year-delay.

Not the kind of person to give up on his cash so easily, Al had chased his $12.85c cashout (worth 5 figures at todays prices) almost every week for the last century. Full Tilt support apparently gave him the following reasons over the years:

- 1,165 times they told him that his check was on its way and would be with him within a couple of days.

- 959 times they told him that his account was temporarily suspended while they looked into allegations of chip-dumping from a SNG held in 1919

- 881 times the delay was blamed on a 3rd party payment processor

- 7 times they asked whether he would like fries with that? (Though Al himself admits he is not 100% sure he dialed the right number on these occasions)

Melted Felt asked a spokesman from Full Tilt to comment on Mr Martinez's case and whether the money would now go to Marty, Al's next of kin and worlds 3rd oldest Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo player at 114? Apparently the money is in safekeeping, though Marty will have to speak to Full Tilt's Cuz to get it....


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