Monday, 15 September 2008

Annette_15 Decides to Show Everyone

In an amazing turn of events, Annette_15, the poker wunderkind and someone the new poker brats look up to, has decided to prove to all how great a player she is. Having had success in numerous online events "playing blind" she has decided to take it to the next logical step. On a date to yet be determined, she has decided to have laser eye surgery to blind herself permanently.

"This will show all that I am a true Poker diety" she is having heard yell at fans following her through the local pie shops of her home town. "I decided to prove to the world that I can play blind all the time" she boasted. She will not use a card reader, as did that blind guy from the WSOP. "Why bother? I am just going to go all in all the time and continue to rebuy when I don't suck out. Poker is such a game of skill I know I will win."

Annette_15 is keeping mum on when the operation is to take place, but it is common knowledge that she wants to have this completed and be ready for the WSOPE coming up later this year. If she repeats as the winner of this event, Annette has advised that the next logical step is to detroy her hearing so that she will not be able to hear either. Eventually her goal is to be as Helen Keller, Annette_15's personal hero. "Just imagine", she said to the local shopping newspaper, "I would be as one with the table, the cards, and the chips."

In hearing the current news, Jerry Yang, 2007 WSOP champion, says he will be bringing Holy water and a priest to the WSOPE with hopes of excorcising the demons from Annette_15's body with hopes of saving her soul. Greg Raymer just hopes she brings a pie figuring that being blind, she would never see him taking it.


Thanks very much to GuyNotes for this fun submission - even managed to keep up the tradition of mentioning pies each time Annette is covered (even if Raymer did eat it this time). Always happy to receive your submissions...

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