Wednesday, 10 September 2008

EPT Barcelona Kicks Off - Exclusive Interview With The Tournament Director

The exclusives come thick and fast at Melted Felt - and today's interview with Manuel Olajajabolojos - the tournament director for the EPT Barcelona - is no exception.

With the preliminary events just underway we began by asking Manuel how the preparations for the big event were going?

Melted Felt: So, how are the prepartions for the main event going?

Manuel: Que?

Melted Felt: K?

Manuel: Si

Metled Felt: K-C??

Manuel: Que?

Melted Felt: Ok, we seem to have some issues - how many players are you expecting for the big event?

Manuel: Men? Oh you Orelly Men? Si?

Melted Felt: Erm, no, let us move on to the skills of the players you are expecting - how do these rate compared to previous years?

Manuel: Rate? It no rate - is hamster!

Melted Felt: Arrr, we were not asking about hamsters... the skills of the players in the EPT Barcelona event - how would you rate them?

Manuel: Is special Siberian hamster, Si, man in shop sold me, last one, only 5 pounds.

Melted Felt: (shouting) Rate - not rat!!

Manuel: No need to shout, Si?

.... at this point Melted Felt gave up and started to look forward to the torrential drizzle forcast for the EPT London instead.....


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