Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hawking On 2+2 Magazine - Fu(ked If I Know...

Stephen Hawking, the super-brainy cripple from the UK - who can explain how black holes work using upside-down letters on a pocket calculator - yesterday sensationally admitted that the poker math in 2+2's online magazine is waaaay beyond him.

As each month goes by the authors of articles including 'ICM Decisions In Split Pot Tournaments', 'Using Equilibrium Strategy To Better Understand Exploitative Play' and 'Playing Multi-way pots in Stud-8 or better part #1'. try to out math each other, picking progressively narrorwer niches and showing the authors superior intellect by producing pages of figures which mean absolutely nothing to more than 99% of readers.

We asked Prof Hawking to check them out while taking a break from explaining the evolution of the early universe in base 7 with one hand tied behind his back.

An hour and a half later Stevey-boy - who famously 'ran off' with a blig-titted blonde nurse half his age' came back to us, saying the numbers were clear - but what the fu(k are you are supposed to do with them was a big a mystery as x-ray sources in supermassive black holes... might as well call anyway right - after all Poker Stars is obviously rigged!


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Memphis MOJO said...

LOL funny! Thanks for the laugh.

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