Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Italian Online Romeo Celebrates As He Scores AIM Id of Dave, 47.

Shoot, it got to Wednesday and I did not manage a MF entry yet dear readers, hmmmmm, wonder if anyone would really notice if I just bought one back from 2008? Na, probably not!

Italian American online poker romeo Antonio from New York had never been shy about his love of the ladies. In a coup even significant for the 19 year-old 'ladies man' Antonio yesterday managed (Melted Felt can exclusively report), through smooth talking and natural charm, to obtain the AIM Id of Dave 47, a redundant bearded truck manufacturer from Detriot.

Dave, screen name Sheleebaby3, used the picture of a 14 year old girl found on one of his favorite teen-chat websites - apparently to avoid value bets being more than 1/3rd of the pot.

When Antonio complimented his good looks in the chat-box and then continued by saying a succession of nice things about his play at the tables - Dave / Shelee could not help but become somewhat flattered. When Antonio started getting to more personal matters it was inevitable that AIM Ids would be swapped.

We could not reach Dave yesterday as he was busy hanging around his local school with a pair of binoculars. However Melted Felt understand that the Greyhound bus tickets have already been purchased... Antonio will bring his good looks and fantastic white smile... while Dave is planning to stock up on KY Jelly....


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