Friday, 26 September 2008

Party Poker Open New Front In Ugly Baby Photo War

Party Poker have layed down the gauntlet, issued a challenge and will be ready at dawn with pistol drawn - as the online poker site war of ugly baby photos escalates to unprecidented heights, Melted Felt can exclusively report (yesterday).

The ability to upload your own personal image to the new Party Poker software client has thousands of European, Canadian and Russian parents of butt-ugly babies hovering over the 'upload button' ready to share their wrinked pink gremlinesque offspring's visage with the unsuspecting world.

Poker Stars, home of 10's of 1000's of ugly photos is not going to take the new challenge lying down... in between choruses of the 'Full Tilt is Sh1t' song which Stars staff are contractually obliged to sing 5 times daily (while facing east) our contact said the following.

"Ha, if Party think they are going to out-baby photo Stars then they have another thing coming" said our insider "we plan the biggest and best deployment of litterally millions of fat and revoltingly ugly baby photos by offering double points for the loose / passive calling stations who upload them" going on to day "While we understand that every parent thinks their baby is somehow beautiful while the rest are not we will encourage a reality check by making all players in the $1 Million Turbo Baby-Photo Takedown click a disclaimer which says in BIG WRITING 'yes, I do accept that my offspring is so stomach-churningly ugly that they should permanently wear a paper-bag'.

Party were unable to comment on baby photos as we went to press today. They did, however, assure us that any players uploading pictures of their cat would be instantly doomswitched,


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