Saturday, 6 September 2008

Poker Affiliate Offers 'A Life' For Sign-Ups

The shady world of poker affiliates was in shock last night, as they tried to come to terms with a serious escalation in the incentives on offer.

Traditionally affiliates have offered cheap plastic chip sets, out of date books and banned poker software in exchange for signing up to sites through their bonus codes... now Tom - from ShadyAffiliateDealz (.com) has 'upped the ante' by offering his visitors 'a life' in exchange for depositing a minimum of $50 on some obsure poker site or other.

Yes, all you need to do is collect 100 'loyal player points' and you will authomatically qualify for the following:

- A small group of friends to go out partying with.
- A girlfriend / boyfriend (depending on your sex and / or personal preferences)
- Some reasonably trendy clothes
- An ebook detailing 50 different 'conversations' which do not include any mention of poker what so ever.

Sounds like a great offer to us! However some of the more established affiliates obviously do not agree... Melted Felt have already heard rumors on the grapevine that Bonus Wh0res are going to start offering breakfast-in-bed with 'special massage' for their customers, while PSO are considering a special freeroll fo their sign-ups in which the winner gets the entire continent of Australia....


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