Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Poker Stars WCOOP $10k Results In Mass Bankroll Reflections

As the $30 Million Gtd 2008 World Championship Of Online Poker continues on Poker Stars, Melted Felt bring you news of the results of yesterday's $10K buy-in no limit holdem event.

Designed for the high-rollers, this tournament saw the worlds best poker players (oh and the lucky fish who won the 2003 WSOP) battle it out for a multi-million prize pool.

The actual result was suprising.

Yes, it made some rich people somewhat richer, however the mass demoralisation of previously happy small stakes players was the main result of this event.

- Rob from Utah was feeling good about his Sharkscope graph, showing an uptick that took his online bankroll over the $200 mark for the first time. He was even contemplating moving up to the $5 SNGs some time real soon. However, seeing the 3/4ths of a million awarded for 1st prize in the $10k WCOOP event put it into a sad perspective... Rob has now withdrawn his roll and spent the money on crack cocaine.

- Lizzy from Toronto was feeling like an expert after repeatedly explaining a fish exactly why their turn call with a gutshot and 7 high flush was bad, since it was clear she had aces. The fish were (apparently) really impressed by her knowledge, however the 5c / 10c game that Liz had been crushing online seemed a little futile compared to the entry fee to the big WCOOP event.... Lizzy will now be focusing exclusively on telling the players in Hubbles Freeroll how bad they are.


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